Friday, June 5, 2015

(POP) nouveau: selective release union, vol CVII

Jamison Williams (soprano saxophone)
Nick Boutwell (accordion)
Charles Pagano (percussion)

'Sleeping Beauty: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'; this limited eight-city tour, showcasing a series of trio performances, proudly present extensive musical deconstructive emphasis on the 1959 animated Disney classic, 'Sleeping Beauty', as it sandwiches a bellowing core medley spanning 75 years of Disney songbook classics; in all its historic glory, this experimental/improvisational jazz performance will guarantee a mesmerizing night of structured musical abstraction, pleasantly making acquaintance with the memorable abstraction of its yesterself.

• May 3th - Panama City, FL [Mosey's Downtown]
• May 4th - Montgomery, AL [The Sanctuary]
• May 5th - Birmingham, AL [MONO Gallery]
• May 6th - Atlanta, GA [Eyedrum Gallery]
• May 7th - Nashville, TN [Portland Brew - 12 South]
• May 8th - Knoxville, TN [A1 Lab Arts]
• May 9th - Cincinnati, OH [Cincinnati Public Library]
• May 10th - Tuscaloosa, AL [The Grocery Gallery]